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Joel Karlsson
- guitarist, singer-song-writer, poet

David the Harper
- Music from Ireland, England Scotland & Wales

Black-Sea Don-Cossacks

- Russian Sacred Music and Folk-songs

Gustaf Näsström
- Art Historian and Popular-educator

Open Ear Music
- creative music services;
music notation

Laude Novella

- mediæval music

Sara Nordangård
art - photography - film

Veronica de Andres

- replacing fear with love

"Fiolasten" - the Fiddle-Last
- a Nyckelharpa-player
& a shoe-maker


- intriguing recordings
of Swedish music

Ytterlennes mediæval Church
- nothern Sweden

The Ytterlennes musicians

- filmclips from a concert

A Harp at Every Hearth

- demonstrations and tutorials

Polly - an Opera 1729

- pirates, indians & corrupt europeans

The Gothenburg fragments

- animated notation with a
synthesised renaissance band

Anima e corpo, 1600
- body & soul, angels & devils, in the first opera

- I make sites with music, film clips, Flash animation, and simple JavaScripts; but if you want dynamically updating databases, you'd better ask Knud.

I don't charge money for doing a site, I take on a project if it seems worthwhile, and if it one day brings in some benefits you can share them in any way that makes sense to you.

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